Who Am I

My name is Muhammad Radifar, but when you contact me just call me Radif. I am from Indonesia. Currently I am a

  • Independent Researcher @PICompS
  • Freelancer
  • Research Assistant
  • Computational Chemist, experienced with
    • Molecular Dynamics
      • NAMD
      • GROMACS
    • Homology Modeling
      • Modeller
    • Molecular Docking
      • AutoDock Vina
      • PLANTS
    • Molecule Visualization
      • VMD
  • Software Engineer (Python), experienced with
    • Open Babel
    • Jupyter Notebook
    • Sphinx documentation
  • Full Stack Developer
    • Front End: Vue
    • Back End: Django
    • API: GraphQL

Would Like To Know Me Better?

See My Projects link above. Or click on my Github, Twitter, or Linkedin links below.